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Providing Photography for Concerts, Weddings, Seniors, and Businesses Throughout Montana. Let Me Tell Your Story.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

It's cheesy, but good photography matters. Every moment is a moment you'll never be able to live again. Some moments are worth everything. 

Photography that captures your wedding in Butte, MT or your baby's smile is worth investing in. In those moments, ask yourself—how do you want to remember the landmarks in your life. 90% a friend with an iPhone or guests with polaroids is enough. The other 10% of the time? You need professional photography to help you capture the uniquely Montanan life you're building with your loved ones.

If you decide I'm the right professional for your job, I'll be excited to speak with you.

My Photography Process

Regardless of if I'm planning photography for a Montana wedding or a senior portrait for a Butte High Schooler I like to keep my photography planning process simple. 

1. You reach out 

2. We talk about your photographic needs

3. You get a detailed plan for the day of your photography shoot

4. We work together to get the best pictures possible

5. You get your photography or videography delivered through my website

6. We all go home happy!

Regardless of if we move forward on your photography/videography project or not, I'm happy to have met you! I hope that I'll be able to provide you with pro photography/videography sometime in the near future. 

What Motivates My Photography

I love telling the stories of my photography and videography clients. There's nuance in every moment. 

I'm proud of the time I've spent doing photography in Montana, from my time at MSU to more concerts than I can remember at the Bozeman Hot Springs. There's always a new way to frame a scene and live in the moment—no matter how many times a picture has been taken. 

That passion carries me through every project I do—whether that means a video walk through, professional portraits for a business, or riding the wave of a concert.

I'm excited to help you tell your story in a way that's more vibrant than you've heard it before. 

Butte, MT | Bozeman, MT | Dillon, MT | Anaconda, MT • (360) 328-9434 • silkeneyephoto@gmail.com

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