About Samuel Klusmeyer, Butte Photographer

Pronouns: He/Him

Occupations: Photographer and Video Editor

Vaccination Status: 100% 

Service Areas: Butte, Bozeman, Phillipsburg,  and Anaconda

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I began my journey toward photography in college way back in 2017. Back then, I was a freshly declared English major driven by stories and an eye for photojournalism. From the first time I took my new camera out of its box, a Cannon Rebel T6 for those wondering, I was hooked.

I couldn't spend enough time looking through the viewfinder of my new camera, snapping pictures, and being an all-around terror at family gatherings. I had the scoop on every embarrassing moment.

In 2019, I decided to start taking photographs professionally. I worked for several offices around MSU writing copy, promoting them on social media, and working as their in-house Bozeman photographer.

That brings me to today.


My name is Samuel Klusmeyer and I'm an event, portrait, and commercial photographer, marketer, and video editor living and working in Bozeman, MT (I operate in Dillon and Anaconda as well). I'm currently the event/concert photographer for the Bozeman Hot Springs, and the in-house marketing content creator for LA's Rip Media Group .

I also offer wedding photography, contracted commercial photography to local businesses, and the normal stuff like senior portraits, cake smashes, etc.

I deeply enjoy photographing people, music, pets, and anything else that I find interesting like great landscapes, and the occasional ultra-stylized product.

Check out this picture I took of the book "The Dragon Pearl" as an example.

Right: I used a tripod to set up my composition in this picture. Having my camera completely immobile was a huge bonus when I was combining photos in post to get the smoke effect I wanted. This one image is a combination of 9 less impressive images.

Dragon Pearl By Yoon Ha Lee

I enjoy practicing photography whenever I can.

I'm particularly amazed by the mountain vistas all around us, it's nothing like my PNW hometown in Washington!

However, I'm pretty sure you're here to look at my photos to schedule a photoshoot, hire me to write an SEO-optimized blog for your Bozeman business or to have me spice up your videos/social media feed.

So, let's get down to it. If you need a photographer, video editor, or marketer, I'm your guy!

Not quite ready to move on?

Well, it's your lucky day because my site, and this page, will be here 24/7, 365. Humor me while I show you some of the pictures I'm the proudest of.

In 2019 I was taking pictures for Paige and the People's band at the Bozeman Hotsprings and I captured what is probably my favorite picture to date. You might recognize it because it's the very first picture you see when you land on the Silken Eye Media site.

Next, check out a picture I took for the Bozeman Hot Springs at sunrise in the late Fall of this year.

A picture from this shoot is now on the Bozeman Hotsprings billboard on the Belgrade side of Bozeman! If you want to see that picture, you'll have to drive out to see it ;).

Finally, check out this portrait I grabbed for The Office of Return to Learn at MSU in 2018-2019.

You can see my other pictures all over that site as well!

That's about everything. Thank you for reading this far down and I look forward to speaking with you soon! Professional Portrait Now, Tell Me a Little About Yourself!

Now, Tell Me a Little About Yourself!

Bozeman, MT | Dillon, MT | Anaconda, MT • (360) 328-9434 • silkeneyephoto@gmail.com

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