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I love diving into a project and getting lost in the creative process more than anything.

Whether I'm photographing on a senior portrait session, filming an interview, typing up an SEO-optimized blog, or working with a larger company my driving passion is always the same. I'm always asking myself "What's the story that needs to be told here?" As weird as it sounds, even a tube of chapstick can have a riveting story once you start asking the right questions. Is it scented? Is it meant for sub-zero temperatures? Who's life would be improved if they used it?

No matter the answer, there's always a way to light, describe, frame, and edit a scene to make it more vibrant and full of life. (At least that's what I like to tell myself.)

So, Why Hire a Creative Professional?

Actually, before we get to that question, humor me for a second. I want to take that thought a little further back by talking through the #1 question I get asked.

Why hire a photographer, writer, or video editor at all?

Your iPhone will take gram-worthy pictures and 1080p - 2K video all day long. Google Docs gets more advanced by every day.

So, why hire someone like me? The answer is simple. You need results.

Experience, not tech, will get you what you need.

Why hire me—specifically—as your creative Montana-based professional?

I've thought about this a lot and my answer is, I simply don't know yet. Why? Because I don't know you or the problem that you need me to solve.

So, my proposal is this. If you reach out and I'm able to help you, I'll buy you coffee or tea, and we can really dig into your problem in-depth, no strings attached.

After that, the ball is back in your court.

If I'm the pro for you, we'll start rocking. If I'm not, no hard feelings. It'll have been great getting to know you. I look forward to speaking with you soon!

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